Emma St. Clair - Emma St. Clair CS PNR-035


Sadcore experimental piano ballads from South County sadgirl Emma Tavasci. The tape features a special two-sided program for a heightened listening experience. The hiss of the tape accompanies Emma's atmospheric introspections perfectly. Emotion is jam packed into every inch of magnetic tape.

25 purple tinted tapes dubbed in-house. Label handstamped and packaging assembled by Emma and Alyx. Comes in a poly case with a sadcore sticker.


  1. Communist Sympathy in the Greater Los Angeles Area
  2. Communist Sympathy in the Northern Orange County Area
  3. Communist Sympathy in Your Home Town
  4. Metaphor Part I- A Goodbye
  5. Metaphor Part II- A Lullabye
  6. C is for Pseudo-Apathy
  7. Salvia
  8. Adderall
  9. Acid
  10. Sorry
Pressing Information

25 - Transparent Purple Shells with Stamped White Labels