John Rossiter - Neverending Catalog of Total Garbage Heartbreak Aggregate PNR-053


Prolific musician and writer, John Rossiter, is primarily known for his work as the frontman and guitarist of Young Jesus. But his creativity cant be contained by one medium and over the last two years he has released a steady stream of poetry, zines, and improvised recordings along side multiple releases from Young Jesus. Rossiter has combined these streams into a new solo album, on Pacific Nature Records, called the “Neverending Catalog of Total Garbage Heartbreak Aggregate” which includes two zines entitled “On Conceptual Beach”.

All instruments recorded and played by John Rossiter.
Art by Rachel Rossiter


  1. Philadelphia
  2. Mom Guitar
  3. Normal Dogs
  4. On Conceptual Beach
  5. Mirroring
  6. Jangly Dusty Coast Closet Galaxy
  7. Drop Smokes
  8. Inks
  9. To Need a Brokenness
  10. Julio Julio y La Soledad
  11. Give Love To Myself
Pressing Information

25 - Purple Cassettes with Splatter