Matt Sturgis - Mommy Issues/Daddy's House PNR-055


"this collection of songs was written and recorded over the last seven years. the first six were written and recorded and rewritten and rerecorded a number of times and all deal loosely with learning how to live after the loss of maternal figure(s). the second half were found on an old hard drive, haven't really been touched since they were made, and were mostly explorations into producing and songwriting (you'll note the electronic drums, superfluous sample instrument usage, and amateurish lyrics mostly written just cause they rhyme). the world feels like its gonna explode and it felt bad sitting on these songs any longer, so here they are." -Matt Sturgis

recorded by Matt from 2010-2017 at the Palisades, Super Suite 16, and his bedroom at his dad's house, all in Upland, CA. written by Matt (except the covers).


  1. Get Hpapy
  2. Pockets Full of Lint by Judcody Limon
  3. This
  4. That
  5. Holidaze-All I Want
  6. End
  7. Landslide by Stevie Nicks by Billy Corgan
  8. And it Was
  9. Cards
  10. Take
  11. Everything Aside
  12. Old Fox-Epilogue
Pressing Information

25 - Green Cassettes with White Labels