Curse League - Laying by the Fire in Good Company (CD) PNR-067


"A lot of the math rock that I’ve grown used to pays homage to Minnesota’s own Partridge Family of shred, Tiny Moving Parts, in that the bouncy energy that radiates from the sweet noodling of these intricate riffs plays off an opulent if not saccharine shout that echoes through your head like a rubber ball bouncing off the walls of an empty room. Curse League does it a bit different; opting to trade-in those emotionally ripe shouts for something more subdued, and there’s a peacefulness to those vocals that creates a beautiful contrast from the sharp, staccato notes that bounce back at you with every listen."
-Substream Magazine

"Curse League takes math rock and drives it off the rails. They make music that your mom will not like and they’re fine with that... Curse League tactfully plays with the intersection of emo and math rock, telling a story which largely unfolds on the US/Mexico border about immigrants, cartels, and community." -NorthwestMusicScene.Net

New album by Curse League coming out on 4/30/2018 via Pacific Nature Records, Lost State Records (PDX) and Qiii Snacks Records (China).

Curse League is:
Kai Brunson - Guitar
Chester Cun - Guitar, Drums, Vocals
Jake Campbell - Drums, Guitar, Lead Vocals
Alexandria Hickel - Bass

Design work by Mollie Thompson, made from the Curse League arts & crafts party at Jake's house.


  1. The Badlands
  2. Tijuana
  3. Detenido
  4. Landlords, Druglords
  5. Leaving El Norte
  6. Burrero
  7. Finding Coyotes
  8. Dunes of Yuma
  9. Narcocorrido Nuevo
  10. The Fox Den
  11. La Siembra
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