Riff Mountain T-Shirt (All Sizes and Colors) RIFF-4EVR


RIP Riff Mountain! Here are our leftover shirts, which were printed in the warehouse by Matt and Alyx. Four different colors available plus a few one-offs and totes including:

- Pink Shirts w/ Dark Blue Ink
- Blackberry Purple Shirts w/ White Ink
- Natural/Beige Shirts w/ Forest Green Ink
- Black Shirts w/ White Ink
- One-Offs Include: Blue Ink on White, White Ink on Grey, Two Totes

They will be shipped Priority Mail USPS with a Riff Mtn 1" button!

Designed by Wyatt Kollar (https://www.instagram.com/wkillustration/)

*** We are out of Pink (S), Black (M), Black (XL, XXL) ***
***** We have a lot of Pink and Beige/Natural *****