Talk, Tired Thanatoid - Sunflowers Bitter As Ocean Water CS PNR-062


Re-Issue of Talk, Tired Thanatoid's underground Orange County cult classic album! Fusing math rock riffs and twinkly emo with pop sensibilities, the album treads familiar ground as a coming of age meditation on moving away from home and trying to adapt to new phases of life.

The album is being reissued by Pacific Nature Records and Fishbulb Records and it is coinciding with TTT's first big tour up the West Coast! There are two variants (transparent blue and transparent clear shells with white imprinting) in this limited edition reissue and they are professionally duplicated in Los Angeles, CA. The reissue also includes fan favorite "Donut Girl" as a bonus track on the B-Side!!


  1. Taylor Swift
  2. Nineteen
  3. My Teeth Fell Out Last Night
  4. Michael Cera (Interlude)
  5. In Lieu Of Breakfast (Boxed Flowers)
  6. Bitter As
  7. A Perfect Beauty Of A Sunflower!
  8. Donut Girl
Pressing Information

50 - transparent blue cassettes with white imprinting (Fishbulb Records)
50 - clear cassettes with white imprinting (Pacific Nature Records)